21/04/2012 We have removed the old gallery and replaced it with a more advanced engine which will allow you to comment and rate all the albums or the individual pictures. I hope you will like it! I have already uploaded most of my products I have made so far and will do updates on a regular basis so check back frequently or sign up to the RSS feeds!
What you will also probably find interesting is that I will start publishing tutorials on gingerbread making and decoration. Here is the link to the tutorial album.

25/11/2011 I will attend the winter workshop at Qube in Oswestry on the 3rd of December (10am-12pm). I will do a demonstration of gingerbread decorating and I would like to invite you as well. You can also buy any of my products! See you there!

24/11/2011 Follow me on my facebook page as well! DecoratedGingerbread
I frequently update it with the pictures of my latest products.

10/07/2011 The food festival has been a great success (despite the shower on Sunday :-) ) Oswestry Food Festival 2011 - Bohemian Decorated Gingerbread stall
Thanks to all the people who attended and encouraged me with their nice words!
The little ones enjoyed the artwork as well :)
Oswestry Food Festival 2011 - Baby in buggy eating decorated gingerbread heart

17/06/2011 My wedding favour selection in white colour
Lebkuchen wedding favour collection

28/05/2011 The 5th Oswestry Food Festival is coming! This year it's going to be on the 9th-10th of July. Come and see me there.
For more information visit

29/04/2011 As you can read in this article surprising someone with a gingerbread heart is quite common and traditional not only in the Czech Republic.
Czech students make gingerbread hearts for British royal wedding

28/04/2011 The website is finally ready!!! You can also have a look at my eshop and buy gingerbread online from the available products! If you have any special ideas or requests you would like me to create for you please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.